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HAMASA Green Tea Online Store

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We are all done in-house tea, from production to retail sales of tea leaves.
EMS (Japan Post)

About HAMASA/私共の有機栽培茶

It is not to say “tea”, more than 1000 years old and the origin of natural food drink that has been passed down as a medicine.Four seasons and a rich natural environment of Japan, it is the personality of varied origin, create a taste of the land.Are made in large quantities in the plains to avoid inefficient harsh natural environment, most of the current tea is easy to manage, however.It is the industrial products that have been very uniform.
We aimed at making tea naturally honest without a human intention as much as possible.
JAS organic certification in November 2000, delicious, safe, and low-cost to deliver tea.

Locality, the highland mountain range to 450m above sea level at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, is at the center left of nature.

Thanks to the natural environment that is surrounded by mountains, On a scale of 3 ha of pesticide-free, chemical-free cultivation of organic fertilizer is now available.Covered with snow in winter, summer and harsh natural climate more than 40C to make the taste of old-fashioned, a wild tea with aroma.

ところが 現在の茶のほとんどは効率の悪い厳しい自然環境を避け、管理しやすい平野部で大量に作られています。


Tea processing scenery / 製茶風景

tea processing scenery1 tea processing scenery2
tea processing scenery3tea processing scenery4
tea processing scenery5tea processing scenery6
tea processing scenery7tea processing scenery8
tea processing scenery9tea processing scenery10
tea processing scenery11tea processing scenery12

Our Organic Tea Garden / 当社の有機茶園

tea processing scenery13tea processing scenery14
tea processing scenery15tea processing scenery16
tea processing scenery17tea processing scenery18
tea processing scenery19tea processing scenery20
tea processing scenery21
tea processing scenery22
tea processing scenery23