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HAMASA Organic Green Tea Online Store

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We are all done in-house tea, from production to retail sales of tea leaves.
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Organic Roasted Tea Hojicha / 有機ほうじ茶

Organic Roasted Tea "Hojicha"

It is a fragrant tea roasted at high heat to organic crop grown in the harsh wilderness spanning 400m altitude at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture. I'm supposed to roasted tea with "able" Hot and kindness, a strong fragrance. Less tannin and caffeine in tea leaves that you are, bitterness and astringency can be suppressed, and the savoriness is withdrawn. Beautiful brown light blue. Since there is little caffeine in Japan If you want to give a baby tea, roasted tea has been selected.



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Leaf Tea

Organic Roasted Tea "Houjicha"
100g  ¥378
Organic Roasted Tea "Houjicha spring pick"
100g ¥594
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Organic Green Tea HAMASA

Japanese tea cultivation of four seasons and varied nature and is Japan's rich personality of the region, I create a taste of the land. Mass-produced using a large machine that is automated in the plains to avoid inefficient harsh natural environment, most of the current Japanese tea is easy to manage, however. It has become a standard industrial products that have been unfortunately.
We aimed at making Japanese tea naturally honest without a human intention as much as possible.

Provenance is a mountainous highlands of 400m above sea level at the foot of the mountain Kirishima Kagoshima. Thanks to the natural environment that is surrounded by mountains, organic farming does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers are now available.

Covered with snow in winter, summer will make a wild Japanese tea culture severe nature was more than 40℃ with a strong taste and smell of old-fashioned.

We obtain organic certification in 2000 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. We also cleared organic certification of the European Union and the United States also stringent pesticide standards.

For Radioactive Material

Because the Kagoshima locality, have never been detected up to now checked for radioactive material, but I went to continue.